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Pump Efficiency

A good, new end suction pump is operating around 76%. Your pump curve will show your efficiency.

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Motor Efficiency

Most new motors run somewhere near 85%. A good number for an older motor is 70%

Hours of operation / year

Hours of operation

365 days x 24 hours= 8760hrs/year. A pump just running during a 40 hour work week would see 2080 hours / year

Your cost per kWh


As a point of reference, a 2014 nationwide average was reported as $ 0.12 / kwh.
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How much debris


The size of a LPD Y Strainer screen is much larger than a conventional Y Strainer. The same amount of debris in each would actually block a much smaller percentage of the LPD Y strainer screen. To visualize the amount of debris in the strainer screen, we have chosen to use areas equivalent to the size of a dollar bill, 16.0254 square inches. The area we used for the conventional screen is the published area of a leading Y Strainer manufacturer.


To help visualize the amount of debris, we use a size equivalent to a US $1 bill: 16.0254 sq. in. (103.39 sq. cm.)

Here's how they compare

  Old Y Strainer LPD Y Strainer
Pressure drop ( psi )
Screen area ( sq. in. )
% of clogged area
HP required
kW required
Total kWh
Annual electricity cost

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An LPD Y Strainer saves
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* Cv is the number of U.S. gallons/minute of 60 degF water that will flow through a strainer with 1 psi pressure drop across the strainer.

Show Me the Math

Show Me the Math